Friday, March 29, 2013

March Updates

I just wanted to post a quick update to the blog as it has been a while.  I am still doing awesomely amazing considering how deaf I was a year and a half ago.  My life has changed so very much.  Some of my recent successes:

-Hearing a speech given in a microphone in the church gym while I was in the back.  I also was turned away from the speaker and helping myself to seconds on the food table.  I heard every word.

-Being able to successfully eavesdrop on a conversation happening down the hall from me.  It was a very boring subject, office computers, but still I could hear them!!

-Hearing some song lyrics without needing to follow the words.  Though this is still rare, I occassionaly hear a song very clearly and it MAKES my day.  I am really loving Maroon 5 and Christina Perri for this reason.

-I'm successfully using the phone to call doctors, make appointments, talk to clients, etc.  Wow, has this made my life a zillion times easier.  I still use an ALD and maybe always will but still am super happy about it.

-Successfully navigating the public school world as I am learning how to register my daughter for kindergarten, arranging assessments and becoming familiar with school staff.

All in all, just fantastic.  But I'm still hard of hearing.  I still miss things.  I still have challenges.  I'm nowhere near as anxious about them but just keep trying to work on them.  My biggest challenge continues to be the volunteer work I do for church.  I work with the teenage girls and my oh my do they have soft voices.  I'm hoping my constant request that they repeat themselves helps give them the courage and confidence to let themselves be heard.

And by the way, I'm pregnant.  I'm having a boy and we are all super thrilled about it.  He should be coming in mid August :)