Friday, June 22, 2012


This post is going to be dedicated to my father in law.  But before I get to that, I want to answer Melissa's question about water (yes, I am listening :).  So the implant consists of two devices.  One device is literally implanted inside my head.  It can not work without the external device on.  The external device is called the processor.  The processor attaches to my head through a magnet.  So I have to be cautious about the water when I am wearing the processor.  I don't wear the processor in the shower.  I put it on after I get ready for the day.  After it's on, it can handle being rained on or splashed on and it won't cause any issues.  Water does not affect the internal piece at all.  Does that answer?

So.  About Fred.  He's Evan's Dad.  And apparently he's hillarious.  I assume that because he's always saying things and people laugh (well, there may just be more eye rolling than laughter).  But I haven't actually known if he really is funny or not because in the 7 years I've been married to his son, I have hardly heard his actual voice.  I see his mouth open, I know something is coming out of it but I usually just stare at him and try to make out what it is he is saying.  I miss all the little things he says under his breath when we are playing Rummy.  I told Evan that I would truly know if the implant was successful if I could hear his dad (or his brothers, they pretty much have the quietest voices on the planet).  Last time the inlaws were down, in April, I was a little disappointed I couldn't hear Fred very well still.

But guess what!  Fred and Wanda (my mother-in-law who has always had the patience of a saint and has always accomodated me in every way) are here for the weekend.  And for the first time in seven years, I actually understood Fred.  Seriously!  Every time he opens his mouth and I hear him, I immediately say "I just heard you!!"  I am sure he'll be sick of it by the end of the weekend but I think another miracle has occurred.  He has a voice, a real one!!  I can hear him now!  I even heard him mutter under his breath when I kicked his trash in Rummy!!  (Just had to put that in Fred :)  I even heard him whisper!

And yes, he is funny.  But what's even funnier than what he says is how he reacts when others think he's funny.  He LOVES it!
Here's Fred and Wanda with Joshua.

I love my CI!  My quality of life has improved in a thousand ways.

One more thing.  Another miracle is that I am starting to do well on the phone.  Not directly.  But through the neckloop.  I haven't used internet captioning for a couple of weeks now.  Whoo HOOOOOOO!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Pool

Recently I got an email from Cochlear stating that it was safe to wear the processor when near water and that it's just fine to be splashed.  As long as you don't swim underwater with the implant, it's water resistant.  The email had an example of a woman who wore her implant to water aerobics.  I've always had to take my hearing aids out when swimming and have always felt very vulnerable in the water.  I spend all of my energy looking for visual cues constantly as I can not rely on any auditory cues.  I was excited to get this email and learn about what you could do with the processor.

So I thought I would try it out.  I've now taken the kids swimming twice at our HOA pool and have worn the CI.  Holy Cow!  Water sounds beautiful.  Splashing water doesn't sound all that great.  But gliding water sounds wonderful!  It sounds peaceful and calming.  And the bubbling water in the hot tub from the jets sounds pretty great too.

It was amazing to hear my kids play in the water.  I was thrilled to hear their laughter as they splashed each other and to hear them call out "mommy, watch me" when doing something funny.  For the rest of my life, I will be able to hear the sounds of the swimming pool.  I will be able to communicate with people.  And eventually Cochlear will make a processor that you can swim underwater in.  I'm so grateful for this amazing technology.  What a blessing that I got it now, when my kids are young.  I'm not going to miss any of their lives and I'm so excited!

I'm really looking forward to the second CI now.  Sounds just get better and better. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Suitcase

I don't think I've ever shared pictures of my CI suitcase.  This is what came with my processor when I was activated in January (5 months ago exactly!).  The suitcase has lots of information and equipment and it can be a bit overwhelming to understand how all of it works.  Tonight I attended a meeting with a Cochlear rep to have the suitcase explained.  I had an ulterior motive for attending which I will explain at a later point.  But I'm glad I went because it was really helpful.  One of the things that the rep discussed was how high your sensitivity should be set on your remote.  I keep my sensitivity on a 1 or 2 (out of a scale of 0-20) because upping it causes distortion.  The rep said that audiologists try to keep the level at 12.  Research says at level 12 you can understand what you need to within a large range.  I've never tried to put mine any higher than 5 or 6.  So I thought I would experiment and changed my sensitivity to a 12.  It was distorted for a minute but calmed down.  So I left it on when I came home.  Of course the kids voices drove me crazy.  But I heard my phone chime with a text message from a different room.  It was very clear, as if my phone was right in front of me.  I tell you what, this equipment is so fascinating!  We'll see how long I can stand keeping it at 12!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

What I Still Hope For

Everyone's been talking about this video but I have put off watching it for one reason.  Online videos are not captioned.  I rarely understand a video.  Then I got an email from pinterest today declaring this video the best of all videos on pinterest.  So I thought I would watch it and try it out.  Disappointed.....again.  I get it was a proposal.  I get it was a song.  I get all the family and friends were dancing to a song.  I have no idea what the song was or what the lyrics were or what people were mouthing.  But you know, I am pretty sure her body language said she accepted the proposal.

I really, really, really hope that one day I can understand more than just body language in a video!

p.s. Here's the video


Hello everyone!  I don't really have anything big to write about.  Things are good for the most part.  I don't think there are any new sounds or things that I'm hearing.  I don't always realize how well I am doing until someone points it out.  Especially Evan.  We were sitting at the computer the other night discussing finances.  He was giving me some numbers to type in.  After I typed them in, he commented that I heard him without looking at him.  I didn't even realize it but I was looking at the computer and typing in what he said instead of reading his lips.  I love moments like that.  This journey has really helped the communication in our marriage.  I'm grateful for that.

I'm the co-chair for Salt Lake City's Walk4Hearing.  This year is our third walk and our little planning group puts our souls into it.  My least favorite part is asking businesses to sponsor us.  I always ask my audiologist and I'm usually denied.  Last week, I went to see my audiologist (my hearing aid one, not the CI one) and I told him "This is the third year I've asked you to sponsor and this year I want you to sponsor us $100" instead of asking "Will you sponsor us?"  He said yes!  So maybe I should stop asking and just tell.  Haha.  Do any of you have any ideas of who I could ask to sponsor us?  I'm very open to suggestions!!

If you would like to learn more about the walk, click on this link: