Monday, November 26, 2012

Pandora is my Friend!

Music is so complicated.  I seriously don't understand how people can hear it clearly.  Especially when there are multiple instruments and/or voices.  It just might take the rest of my life to train my ear to music.  Good thing I've got a long life ahead of me ;)

I've learned some things about myself on this music journey.  I don't have the patience for slow songs.  I want a beat and I want the words to come fast.  Haha.  You likely would not believe it, but I have been caught listening to rap a time or two.  Pandora is AWESOME because I can follow the lyrics along with the song.  Don't worry, I skip the inappropriate ones.  I like country because it is simple.  One voice (usually) with few instruments and the songs are always about love or breakups of some sort.  I also really like Maroon 5 and Matchbox something or other.  I don't even know what genre they are.  Yep, I'm that clueless when it comes to music!  I like Taylor Swift but can only handle a couple of songs at a time.

As I type this, I'm listening to Nat King Cole Holiday station on Pandora.  I know a lot of Christmas music but the same conditions apply.  I like simple, clear lyrics that are not made complicated with a lot of instruments.  Maybe I'll be able to expand one day but for now I'm thrilled :)

If anyone out there can suggest groups that often sing with a fast beat AND clean lyrics, I would love to hear about them!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Tis the Season to be grateful.  Honestly, I feel grateful every day.  I remember well this time last year how isolated and anxious I felt each day.  So much has changed in the last year for me.  I rarely feel lonely.  I rarely feel anxious about communicating.  I am sooooo lucky!!!  The greatest benefit to my hearing abilities is understanding my children.  Here's just a few examples:

The other night while I was sitting on the couch in the living room talking with Evan, I heard the sweet voice of Joshua (my three year old) singing from the bathroom "I better watch out, I better not shout, SANTA CLAUS is coming to TOWN!"

While Aleah (my four year old) and I were watching a movie, Joshua was helping Evan make dinner.  I heard Joshua say "I love you daddy" but Evan was not paying attention and didn't respond to him.  Because I heard Joshua, I prompted Evan to respond.

At dinner the other night, Joshua was saying the prayer.  He expressed thanks to Heavenly Father for himself, his daddy, his mommy, grandma, Aleah, plates, cups, spoons, bowls, rice, olives, lettuce, meat, chips and water.  Then he repeated himself three times.  I heard the whole thing.  It was adorable.  The only thing he wasn't grateful for were the tomatoes.  :)

Yesterday I was downstairs sewing and I heard Aleah upstairs calling to me from her bedroom, which is upstairs.  She needed help and I was able to quickly respond.

I overheard Aleah and Joshua telling their dinosaurs "you are being naughty and have to go to time out!"  Hahahaha.

Whenever we go outside and there is snow, the kids immediately run away from me yelling "let's make snow angels" and then throw themselves down in the snow.  What I love is that I can hear them as they are running away from me.  It's amazing to hear without having to lipread.

This is a special Thanksgiving for me.  My heart is so full of thanks for all of those who helped make my journey back to hearing possible.  I'm grateful for the gift of being hard of hearing again.