Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Boys

Baby Sean is now 9 months old and sporting a helmet these days.  His head is misshaped due to some complications of infancy.  The helmet is working so well.  And he looks adorable in it.  AND it protects his head from every bump and fall.  Score :)  Joshua is now 4 and a half.  Just before Sean was born, Joshua was diagnosed with hearing loss.  I've suspected it for a while but we weren't sure if it was ear infection related and would be cured with tubes.  Well, he no longer has ear infections but still has hearing loss.  It sucks.  The last thing I wanted to pass on to my children is my hearing loss.  Right now, it's a mild loss.  But that's how it starts with us.  Mild loss can still impact your life in negative ways.  It's affected Joshua's speech, his ability to hear whispers and music, and speech in noise.  I've been preparing him for hearing aids.  He SO does not want hearing aids. {sigh}

The school district audiologist is AWESOME.  Love her.  I appreciate that Joshua's life is starting to fill up with helping, caring, knowledgeable helping professionals.  My guilt is starting to subside.  A little.  He will not start kindergarten until 2015 and will for sure have hearing aids before then.  In the mean time, I am still working on preparing him.  There are a  lot of sorrows ahead.  Lessons too.  I know he will be okay and I am so, so grateful he has a happy-go-lucky personality.  It will help him!

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