Monday, December 14, 2015

Four Years

Our most recent family picture.  My little people are growing up!

Merry Christmas!  It's such a wonderful (and stressful) time of year.  I'm enjoying the sounds of the holidays and still am in awe that I actually turn on the radio in the car.  It's been nearly 4 years since my CI surgery.  4 years!  I have become so used to my bionic hearing, that I now forget sometimes that I am deaf.  Of course, there are little reminders all the time that my hearing is not perfect (like when I am helping in a kindergarten classroom full of noise) but I am SO incredibly happy with the many, MANY things I hear every single day.

Some of my recent favorites include: Hearing an ad on a radio station advertising a computer deal (when I just happened to be in the market for a new computer), listening to the lists of things my children want for Christmas, enjoying group games at a recent Christmas party and listening to a speech while I was multi-tasking on my phone (yes, sometimes I can multi-task though my husband does not believe it :).  It's also pretty amazing that I can hear the front door open at work and hear the sounds of movement coming down the hallway.

There are sounds that I would be okay without hearing (does anyone enjoy listening to a 2 year old scream??) but I still try to be grateful for the less pleasant sounds (after all, I am very fortunate to have that 2 year old!).

I still dream of getting my left ear implanted.  But I will wait until my children are older.  I do not want to risk more balance issues right now.  I'm hoping that my insurance company will soon approve an upgrade to the most recent processor (the outside component of a CI) as the new ones have even better technology.  Likely it will take quite a bit of time for that approval.  But in the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the incredible gift of hearing.

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